Helping vegans and the veg-curious ignite joy in a healthy lifestyle.

"You inspire those of us who do not have a vegan diet. You certainly have me thinking of alternatives to my diet and in a very positive, non-pushy sort of way." - Christina O.

I guide you to turn the love you feel for all other life inward and practice self-love through wellness. And to take care of yourself without guilt because you’ll be a better role model for positive change.

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What Adria’s Up To Right Now :)

  • Hosting the Balance in Vegas workshop on May 3, 2014!

    Join me live and jumpstart your journey towards a healthy lifestyle! Learn from 6 wellness experts in an interactive and fun format.

    Actionable, easy to implement advice and inspiration that gets you moving. A veg cooking class, plant-based nutrition chat,  personal training session, DIY natural beauty demo, mindfulness coaching session, wellness action planning, and more!! Read the full article for the juicy details and to visualize this powerful event.

    Finding Your Balance in Vegas workshop 2014

  • Taking the stress out of clean eating with Raw Till Dinner Meals for Busy Folks

    Eat huge, mouthwatering meals and lose weight or stabilize at a healthy body weight! A simple guide if you want to get all the benefits of eating more fruits and veggies but around YOUR hectic schedule.

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