Can You Be a Healthy Foodie? Guest Post at Will Travel For Vegan Food

Can You Be a Healthy Foodie? Guest Post at Will Travel For Vegan Food

Hello lovelies, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. A guest post over at Will Travel For Vegan Food. Love that blog (and Kristin!) so it’s quite an honor, especially since she doesn’t ever have guest posters.

How Ordering Dessert, Indulging, & Eating at Non-Vegan Places Make for Healthy Road Trip Habits

How’s that for a sexy title? Intrigued? Hop on over to her site to check it out.

Drawing from my 11 week road trip this summer, I shared 6 ways to balance eating healthy and being a foodie on the road.

Or really anywhere they have restaurants. Which is everywhere.

Spoiler alert… Tip #6 is “Just Order Dessert”. Did that catch your attention? Then head on over and read the rest.

What is Will Travel for Vegan Food?

Have you found Kristin Lajeunesse’s site yet? Now, she has a great story.

She traveled across the U.S. for 18 months living out of a van. Mission: to eat at every 100% vegan restaurant in the country.

Well, she’s still going and has already hit over 500. Yes, you heard me right. Talk about a delicious method of vegan activism!

Her blog shares her adventures and moves beyond just food. Woven throughout are the personal stories of her journey.

Adria and Kristin
Hanging with Kristin from Will Travel for Vegan Food at the 2013 Toronto VegFest

I got to hang with her this summer at the illustrious Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival where she was a speaker. Then we caught up over lunch in Chicago several weeks later on the long drive back to Vegas. (Photolog to come!)

This is one sweet and SMART lady. Especially smart for letting me post on her site. 😉 So go find out the other five ways to dine out without guilt.

3 Responses to Can You Be a Healthy Foodie? Guest Post at Will Travel For Vegan Food

  1. I have to say that title did make my eyebrow go up. Glad WTF meant Will Travel For. Just kidding. It is hard to believe that she found 500 places. I can remember a time (it shows my age) where the only place I could buy tofu was a small natural food co-op that a group ran out of a very old house. I am definitely going to check out here spot.

    • Paula, I just retitled the post so I didn’t turn anyone off! And I think veganism has hit so fast that no matter your age, you’ve probably seen huge change! I saw a stat in Veg News that said the word “vegan” has gotten 30% more searches online in just the last 2 years.

      • I didn’t mean to make you change the title…..It did make me laugh and I just wanted to share. I am super happy to see the changes. It is not so unusual to be vegan anymore.

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