Your Free Copy of the “Finding Your Balance” Framework

Your Free Copy of the “Finding Your Balance” Framework

On HealthyV, we talk about the four pillars of balance – clean eating, incorporating fitness, natural beauty and going product free, and practicing mindfulness.


This week, I put together a quick, actionable 5-page manifesto which breaks down each of these pillars for you in a very simple way. 

“Finding Your Balance: the 4 Essential Pillars”

It’s Free and you can download it immediately because I don’t want you to have any excuse to not get started right now.

Each pillar includes:

  • A mindset tweak essential for implementation.
  • My recommended first action so you can get started today.

This isn’t a book, and you can easily skim it and take away the parts that really matter to you. Or read the whole thing to work towards your own balance.

I’m sending a copy to my family of subscribers in the Healthy Vegas Vegan newsletter next Tuesday. But if you’re not already on my list…

CLICK HERE to grab your Free copy!


Why this matters to YOU

Are you addicted to self improvement? Searching for the point where you don’t have to choose between your own ideal health and your family or career? Or perhaps you’re exhausted from following all the rules word-for-word from health gurus.

You’re seeking balance. You just didn’t know that’s what it was called.

Balance is possible. And it can be achieved without sacrificing your other goals to get there. You just need a few mindset tweaks and practical skills that help you unconsciously work on it every day.

To get started right now, download “Finding Your Balance: the 4 Essential Pillars.”  

Here’s to your health and happiness!Download a Free copy of the Healthy Vegas Vegan "Finding Your Balance" manifesto.

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  1. I can’t wait to receive my copy.

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