Free Spartan Race Entry! And What to Expect at an Obstacle Race

Free Spartan Race Entry! And What to Expect at an Obstacle Race

There comes a time when every weekend warrior thinks maybe I’m ready for an adventure race. Here’s your chance. At the end of this post, you can enter to win a free entry to a 2014 Spartan Race! Read on for some insight into what to expect in the obstacles, how to train, and all those useful and necessary details that help you make your decision about whether it’s for you.

“That is such an awesome race!!! I am already signed up – it’s probably one of my favorite races!” That was the unsolicited excitement that ensued when I asked my good friend Erin if I should do this Spartan Race giveaway. And she has been running a half marathon almost every month for years. As a vegan.

Vegans everywhere are dispelling the myth of the weak, sickly vegan. Heck, I belong to an active Facebook group called Vegan Ladies Who Lift which is – at the moment I posted this – 1,216 members strong and growing fast.

When I asked about the Spartan Race in there, I got some great advice from another vegan who has done several spartan races at three levels – sprint, super, and beast. (In my book, any race that calls itself beast is worth doing if just for bragging rights!)

What is the Spartan Race?

Basically, it’s an obstacle race which pairs distance running with strength based obstacles like monkey bars, jumping over mud pits, and flipping over tires.

Even though they are uber-challenging, the obstacles are not as crazy as those in Tough Mudder. That definitely appealed to me since I have no interest in getting shocked or jumping in a pool of ice water.

You can do it with a friend for “fun” or get serious and compete.

The Spartan Race has four levels: Sprint, Super, Beast, and Ultra Beast. If you’re in or near Vegas, we have a Super Spartan coming up on April 5th.

How hardcore is it?

Erin says, “It’s definitely a tough race. It was the hardest race I’ve done besides my marathon.”

See for yourself in this video straight from the Spartan’s mouth, so to speak:

Upcoming Spartan Races

  • Vegas Super Spartan – April 5th, 2014

    Be able to run 10 miles comfortably. It says 8+ but… that’s the minimum and the race can turn out to be 12 miles. A great way to test yourself and a badge of honor!

  • Arizona Spartan Sprint – February 8th and 9th, 2014

    3+ miles and 15+ obstacles, the lowest level of the races and a great one to get you started.

  • And Many More!

    There are plenty of races scheduled this year (and month!) all over the U.S., Canada, and worldwide – go to the Spartan Race website for a full list.

Training for an Obstacle Race

I downloaded the free ebook on the Spartan Race website. It seems like a pretty comprehensive guide if you want to really delve in. It has a section on how to prepare for each race level, including full training plans. For the Super Spartan race, they say you can go from fit but non-runner to finishing the race in 12 weeks training time.

If you are a runner who doesn’t strength train, now is the time to start. Also add some HIIT to your workouts.

And intervals are key, according to my vegan contact who has several Spartan Races under her belt. Vary the length of your intervals and total distance from run to run. That’ll help you get in shape for the typical adventure race stop-and-go running peppered with obstacles.

It also doesn’t hurt to run some hills and trails when training. She said getting trail running shoes made a huge difference for her. She wears the Adidas Kanadia.

If you’re fit but not a runner:

Apparently, the running is broken up enough by obstacles that it’s not too rough. Erin said that when she ran it last year a lot of people were walking between obstacles. So you won’t be alone if you choose to compete for fun.

The most important thing to train for is overall endurance and strength for sure.


When Erin did her fist Spartan Race last year, one of the final obstacles was a rope climb and she couldn’t finish it. So she had to do burpees as a penalty. Since then, she has practiced on a rope in her gym so that this year she WILL climb the rope!

For another obstacle they had to get over a 8-10′ wall. They had a small booster ladder on the side, but there was a line. So Erin and her running partner worked together and he boosted her over.

She said all the obstacles were pretty challenging. They included going under walls, monkey bars, carrying sand buckets and bags, and things to jump over, pull, and climb. Do a quick YouTube search and you’ll find plenty of examples.

Remember, there’s always a way out if you can’t do an obstacle – 30 burpees as penalty. Which is a great incentive to put your back into it!

Win a Free Entry!!!

When I told Erin about this giveaway, she said “It’s expensive! A free entry is awesome!”

No joke. The entry fee for the Super is over $100 which makes it a serious commitment.

Enter to Win a FREE ENTRY* to your Spartan Race

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This free entry works one time for any open heat in any 2014 Spartan Race in the continental US. The winner is chosen randomly.

Or get a 15% discount

If you don’t feel like entering the raffle for the free entry or you didn’t win, pick up this free discount code for %15 off the race.

Now your turn. Have you ever done an obstacle race? What’s your best advice for the rest of us? If it’s your first, how will you train for it?

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  1. Make sure you have shoes that keep rocks and pebbles out! Those will be your toughest obstacles.

  2. Thanks for the heads up!
    Re: “Vegans everywhere are dispelling the myth of the weak, sickly vegan.” My dispelling of the vegan “weak, sickly” began at the 1990 Mr Natural Body Building contest.
    I was considering training for another Stair Climb Race, now that I hit 50 times around the sun, yet this would be a refreshing challenge and change of pace. Best I begin training and monitoring using quantified self strategies!

  3. heathergfc says:

    Sounds intense no matter how you’re fueling your body! It does sound like a lot of fun though! Are you signing up?

    • Heather, I’m debating whether I want to add training for it to all the other projects I’ve got going right now. ;) If it wasn’t for that, I would say heck yeah! Adria

  4. Top tip is join a team or have a great support system. The collorabation and team spirit gets you through the tough challenges!

  5. My advice is to do the race with a friend or group to keep each other motivated. It’s important to do a lot of upper body training in preparation.

  6. my advice is to leave your good shoes at home. wear shoes that you don’t mind ruining and if they slip on and off too easily… try duck tape

  7. As the “vegan contact who has several Spartan Races under her belt” referred to in the article, I have to say that Spartan racing has become something of an obsession for me now. I ran my first race (a sprint) in 2012 and then went on to run 4 races in 2013 (2 sprints, 1 super and 1 beast) which earned me a trifecta medal for completing all 3 distances in a single calendar year. This year I ran my first race of 2014 this past weekend (another super) and it was my best race to date, finishing in the top 20% overall, the top 9% of all females and the top 8% of females in my age group. It was also my first race as a 100% full fledged vegan. Connection between my new way of life and my best race performance ever? I definitely think so!!! :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would say practice your distances on trails and hills.. do a lot of cross training and prepare your upper body for the obstacles. Make sure you can carry weight. Practice box jumps, you will need to jump to help pull yourself up to get over walls.. practice rope climbs.. definitely do burpees! (spartan races) and bear crawl.. 100 yards for tough mudder.. and if you’re running on hills.. you might end up doing the same.

  9. I would say practice your distances on trails and hills.. do a lot of cross training and prepare your upper body for the obstacles. Make sure you can carry weight. Practice box jumps, you will need to jump to help pull yourself up to get over walls.. practice rope climbs.. definitely do burpees! (spartan races) and bear crawl.. 100 yards for tough mudder.. and if you’re running on hills.. you might end up doing the same.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There we go! I couldn’t get it to post through fb -_-

  11. Stephanie O'Day says:

    My husband and I plan to train together! We aren’t sure exactly how to prepare but we could use some of the tips others have commented =]

  12. My top tips for an OCR newbie would be if you are into crossfit, then add some running to your workouts and if you are a runner then add some upper body strength workouts. Try to balance it our best you can.

  13. My advice for someone doing a spartan race for the first time is definitely upper body strength and burpees. These races are definitely more demanding then the others out there.

  14. burpees. burpees. and more burpees!!

  15. build up your upper body strength.

  16. For a newbie I would say have fun and don’t take it so seriously!

  17. good shoes and find a buddy to do it with you.

  18. I’m new to the mud and obstacle racing world. all these tips are great. thanks!

  19. visualize this race and goal every day while training for it. on race day just go out, give it your all and have fun.

  20. Do some cold weather training to prepare yourself for getting wet and feeling a bit chilly depending what season your race is in.

  21. my advice is to get a group of friends together to do this with you or join the weeple army or corn fed spartans on FB so you’ll know people at the race. it’s much more fun than doing it by yourself. train that upper body. do burpees.

  22. I haven’t participated in a race like this before so i don’t really have anything to add to the mix except for have fun!

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